Apollo review courtesy of Pete 'Amigo' Williams

Been listening to Apollo, its a great album. It's textured, layered, atmospheric and the musicianship is just plain excellent. 
Apollo defies classification, and that is a good thing, each song stands on its own merit, without gender comparisons and has set a defiantly high standard of creativity for any aspiring imitators to reach. 
The singles ' Stranger' and 'Canadian Princess' are great tracks, but its almost impossible to pick the creative peaks, from an album full of creative peaks such as this Stella recording offers. Having said that, my favourites are the meandering 7.14 minute, Number 13 and My Epiphany the albums closing track. 
Apollo is the third album in from this truly gifted band and one would assume from the inherent craftsmanship of the musicians involved, that this music would guarantee world domination, but thats another story and for now I just wish 2 Inch Tape great success with this outstanding recording. 

Pete Williams 
Made In The Shade

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