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Again - New Single


“Again” is the first single from the forthcoming 2 Inch Tape album, What I Need, slated for a September release. 

What I Need will be the Melbourne bands 6th LP  since their first release in 2015. Again showcases the…

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Already - New Single


“Already” had it’s Genesis several years ago as She Already, a one-sided view of a failing marriage. Recorded across several lockdowns it was favoured as the leading single for 2 Inch Tape’s previous album, Sublime Conspiracy Rhymes, instead it…

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Any Better - New Single

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Any Better portrays the musings of lovers debating the quality of life in 2021 faced with ongoing lockdowns and restricted liberties. For him it doesn’t get any better than a shared wine over a sunset, however she would…

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Previous events

Date Event Location
Simon Rigoni (solo) Piano on Chapel Piano on Chapel
2 Inch Tape Ragtime Tavern, Preston Ragtime Tavern, Preston
2 Inch Tape - That I Love You single launch The Thornbury Local, Thornbury The Thornbury Local, Thornbury
2 Inch Tape Lomond Hotel, Brunswick Lomond Hotel, Brunswick
2 Inch Tape (trio) @ Lentils Lentil as Anything, Melbourne Lentil as Anything, Melbourne
2 Inch Tape- Nashville Wife EP Launch Lomond Hotel, East Brunswick Lomond Hotel, East Brunswick
Simon Rigoni (solo) Swamplands Bar, Thornbury Swamplands Bar, Thornbury
2 Inch Tape with Fawkner Walking Society Whole Lotta Love, East Brunswick Whole Lotta Love, East Brunswick
2 Inch Tape Swamplands Bar, Thornbury Swamplands Bar, Thornbury
2 Inch Tape - Apollo album launch Swamplands, Thornbury Swamplands, Thornbury
2 Inch Tape - Canadian Princess single launch Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill