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2 Inch Tape are an eight-strong collective of musicians from Melbourne, helmed by songwriter and producer Simon Rigoni. Over the past three years, they’ve been building a body of material that’s true to the aesthetic flourishes of past decades, while placing their own imprimatur on the sounds and the songs. Their first album, New Addiction, landed well on community radio, and began to mark out their unique terrain. March 2017 sees the release of their sophomore, self-recorded and independently released effort, Control. 

2 Inch Tape play outside of any one genre, though you can hear trace elements of the music that’s inspired the group – the two-chord thrum of Velvet Underground and Lou Reed at their most gloriously primitive; the country swagger of Gram Parsons, both solo and with The Byrds – and some surprising intersections, such as the soul-influenced pop of Kevin Rowland of Dexy’s, and the lush, string-swathed melancholy of Liam Hayes (Plush) or Todd Rundgren. 

The magic happens in the interaction of the eight members, both with each other, and with the personal, observational songs of Rigoni. Their group dynamic has reached a new, even more mature articulation on the eleven songs of Control, and much like on the album, their live performance – catch them at their album launch on Saturday April 1st at Velvet Room – brings in extra players to help the material reach fullest fruition. These songs of living manifest their depth and intricacy slowly, but surely, honesty, humour and irony all in the one collective breath.