Faced with the deadline of naming the band for the release of New Addiction in 2014, band leader Simon Rigoni choose 2 Inch Tape, not because they had used the analogue format to record their debut album, but because they had deliberately limited themselves to recording principles available in the early 70’s, the golden age of the album. 

Nine years later with the impending release of their sixth album “What I Need”, 2 Inch Tape has remained faithful to their original parameters, shunning pitch correction, quantization and emulation in favour of highlighting the human performance and its frailties. 

But within the boundaries of their constant, the variable is the bands willingness to explore a menagerie of sounds borrowed from genres as diverse as country, post punk, folk and prog rock without ever precisely emulating one’s sound, for 2 Inch Tape is about putting the ingredients in a blender to create unique sounds, songs and albums. 

The bands alumni of musicians is great and revolving, allowing each album to be influenced by the creativity of the current line-up. What I Need, due for release in spring of 2023 explores a more intimate sound for the most part, aided by the dominance of nylon guitar on several tracks. The album is however tremendously dynamic with thunderous effect across tracks such as The Edge, What I Need and Lydia thank to the talents of the following creative musicians; Galit Klas – vocals, Mark Petrilli – Bass, Duxie Franklin – vocals, keys, Justin Pearsall – lead guitar, Julia Bebenek – drums, Anita Quayle - Cello, Daniel van Horssen percussion and Simon Rigoni – vocals, guitar, synths. 

Based in Melbourne 2 Inch Tape have limited their live performances to bar a few shows a year, but when they do appear from the studio they promise to deliver and have done so at iconic venues including The Thornbury Theatre, Wesley Anne, The Tote, Retreat and the Lomond Hotel.