Any Better - New Single

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Any Better portrays the musings of lovers debating the quality of life in 2021 faced with ongoing lockdowns and restricted liberties. For him it doesn’t get any better than a shared wine over a sunset, however she would prefer more exotic delights offered in Paris, New York or Lausanne.  

Faced with a snap lockdown a live in studio performance was at the last minute scrapped and instead each part; Michelle Berner - Vocals, Phillip Carroll – Accordion and Nathan Ford - Sousaphone was performed and recorded individually in a loungeroom, garage and kitchen before Simon Rigoni added vocals and glued it together with his rickety upright piano at Room 29 Studios.  

As the instrumentation suggests Any Better is an interesting deviation for 2 Inch Tape. The end result influenced by Bavarian Oom Pah music, an interesting backdrop to the playfully delivered lyrics containing a pertinent message to appreciate the important things in life.

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