From the recording America

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Composed by Simon Rigoni
Performed by 2 Inch Tape;
Simon Rigoni: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Handclaps, Field Recordings
Fiona Broussard: Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Mark Petrilli: Bass
Julia Bebenek: Drums
Greg Milton: Harmonica
Samuel Cope: Hammond Organ
Phil Carroll: Piano Accordion
Rhys Rigoni: Handclaps
Emily Chapman: Handclaps


Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Freaks roll pass on anything
Just like in a movie scene
Doctor Weed’s in, better take a seat

Shores of Venice Beach, no lands in between
From where the bird carried me, to my cousin to see
I think it’s clear to see, apple falls near the tree

Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Jesus is back this is his scene
Jamaican dreads to his feet
He just checked out with Doctor Weed

Shores of Venice Beach, feet leave for the sea
Waves crash above me knees, a swim away I could be
Lost in the ocean shared, Pacific waits gravely

Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Rollin’ on by any means
Hustle bustle a dime for the
Buy a pet rock get one for free

From the shores of Venice Beach, a thousand horizons disappear
I look towards a land, distant but always near
Shores of Venice Beach, such strange company

Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Every woman I turn to my surprise
Speaks a tongue in disguise
Californian girls you have upsized

Santa Monica to Venice Beach
Santa Monica to Venice Beach