From the recording America

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Composed by Simon Rigoni
Performed by
2 Inch Tape;
Simon Rigoni: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Taurus Pedals, Field Recordings
Fiona Broussard: Clavinet, Wurlitzer Electric Piano, Rhodes Piano
Mark Petrilli: Bass
Julia Bebenek: Drums
Greg Milton: Mandolin, Hammond Organ
Phil Carroll: Piano Accordion


Homeless in Boston
Homeless in Boston
Homeless in Boston
You’re homeless in Boston

Just touched down from LA.
Sleepless on a red eye plane
Checked in near the Red Sox play, and I followed the red line part of the way
It’s nice to meet you Boston

Gentrification lines the streets
Costumed guides patrol the beat
Tourists follow intently, but the beggar he doesn’t count two feet
He’s Homeless in Boston

Biotech, innovative city
It doesn’t mean that much, when you’re sleeping rough

Crossed to the waters edge
I saw some ducks floating there
Chris Columbus Park presents, a green place to lay my head
I’m just resting in Boston

The cradle of liberty
I read about your tea party
You fought for your freedom trail, but now your veterans you do fail
They’re homeless in Boston

Leader in philanthropy
But what about your own city

When you’re homeless in
Cold and hungry in
You’re homeless in Boston

Athens of America, with homeless scattered everywhere
Cardboard pleas at their feet, nameless as you flea
Oh you’re so happy in Boston

Human kindness they do seek.
It’s not your coins it’s change they need
Compassion from so few, tired broke and hungry too

When you’re homeless in
Cold and hungry in
When you’re homeless in
You’re homeless in Boston