1. Philadelphia

From the recording America

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Composed by Simon Rigoni
Performed by 2 Inch Tape;
Simon Rigoni: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Field Recordings
Fiona Broussard: Rhodes Piano
Mark Petrilli: Bass
Julia Bebenek: Drums
Greg Milton: Pedal Steel Guitar


All nations they line your street
Skyscrapers with sharpened teeth
Modern city kind of futuristic
History wedged characteristic

Philadelphia do you speak to me
Your heartbeat is not so clear to see
Philadelphia did I hear from you
The murmur I hear hey, I’m not so sure it’s true

Like the rivers of Babylon
In between is where you belong
Near one bank I see a weeding throng
Beneath the veil what could be wrong

Philadelphia I sense there’s something wrong
Your identity is not so strong
You could have been so much more
Did you settle for what came along

A kiss to the lips, held so long
A kiss for view, is so wrong
A kiss with you would not last so long
A kiss long lost, a kiss long gone

Philadelphia I’ll soon say goodbye
My stay was nice but not a high
We could have been so much more
But now my bus awaits and, it’s time to say goodbye
Bye bye, and take the
Greyhound to the big apple in the sky