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Lyrics and Music written by Simon Rigoni.
Recorded, produced and mixed at Room 29.
Mastered by Adam Dempsey
Artwork by Duxie Franklin

Simon Rigoni: Vocals, Mellotron, Ondes Musicalis, Moog Voyager
Mark Petrilli: Bass
Julia Bebenek: Drums
Anita Quayle: Cello


When I was immortal, and you were a genie
Out of the bottle, and into my dreams
Together we were immortal, I held you close to me
Now all these years later I put you back again
Into the bottle, metaphorically
No grant me three wishes
I wish that I could do better, I could do better, wish that I could do better again

When I was immortal, with opportunities
Many mistakes later, they're few and far between
When you were a genie, ahead of you your dreams
I tried to guide you, not always the best it seems
I had a dream, you were a genie once more
I caught your fall
I held you in my arms, held you in my arms, held you in my arms again

When I was immortal, a gift from you
Everything made sense, everything was true
Now all these years later, I wish I could give to you
The same gift that you gave me, perhaps a genie will
If you had three wishes, what would you choose
Would you turn to me, and say that
We could do better yeah, we could do better, well we could do better again
Yeah we could do better man, we could do better, hey we could do better again
I could do better, well I could do better, yes I could do better again