1. Way Too Deep

From the recording What I Need

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Way Too Deep

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I built my own castle, yet no tyro am I
Oh not when I’m so crafty,
yeah not when I’m so sly
Your daughter bore my fruit,
and then she watched them die
Oh Mary why’d you pick me,
all your sisters married Gods
I’m just a mere mortal
yet you guide me as I sail
The water’s getting deep now,
oh so deep, way too deep

Way too deep

The chains that hold me down,
they’re slowly killing me
Thanatos grant me one wish,
before Charon takes me
Oh you wear the chains so well,
the uproar’s on me
Oh Mary does she love me,
oh how much can she care
When she throws my naked body,
into the public square
Oh I feel my soul sinking,
the Styx I can’t snare, I’m in too deep

Way too deep

Way too deep

Sisyphus has but one boulder,
and one mountain peak
I’ve got an entire mountain range
Many boulders crushing me
I always knew there was no heaven,
always knew there was a hell, for me
Destroy your Tarantos,
one stone at a time
Fill in this valley, and bury me inside,
oh so deep, down so deep

Way too deep

Way too deep