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Your fingers on the strings
You play them so beautifully
I’m drawn towards you
Emerging from the vale
My beauty’s forever yours
If you’ll always play for me
Now take my hand and guide me home

We dance and sing and laugh and cry
I love you so perfectly

On your wedding day you summon me
Yet the smoke makes the priests cry
No omens of good fortune
For my candle does not catch fire

In those bushes, do you see him
He’ll surely harm you and take me with him
Flee through the forest and run to safety
Lead me to the other side and take me home

I run I fall the serpent strikes
The venom spreads so quickly

And Hades takes me

Again I hear your fingers
Playing so beautifully
I knew that you would follow
And come to save me
I’ll follow you so closely
Now guide me from this underworld
And take me home

My love I am close behind you
You promised Hades you
would not turn to check
The light is not yet upon me
Yet you turn and now I can never go